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Dr. Amy Neuzil, ND

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Dr. Amy Neuzil, N.D. attended the prestigious University of Virginia for her pre-medical studies with the dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon. While attending University, a lifelong friend had a major brain hemorrhage, requiring brain surgery and a prolonged recovery in the Neural ICU. Through this experience her focus changed. The vast majority of patients in the Neural ICU were leaving the hospital with brain damage, handicaps, comas, or not at all. Although Neurosurgery is an extremely challenging and rewarding profession, this experience caused Dr Neuzil to reexamine what she really wanted to achieve.

Dr. Neuzil then began working in a Nursing home and was given the opportunity to examine modern medical care from the inside. She found that patients were highly medicated and often had side-effects, for which they were then given yet another drug. Nutrition, physical activity and overall quality of life were largely overlooked. Doctor-patient interactions were limited to five-minute visits to monitor bodily function but without any real human relationship. What an eye-opening experience!

Fortunately Dr. Amy found Naturopathy which offers the unique combination of modern biomedical sciences but focuses on alternative methods such as nutrition, lifestyle therapies, homeopathy, supplements, and hormone and body-systems balancing. This form of care provides not only the best of modern and alternative health systems, but also rewarding and meaningful relationships between the Doctor and her patients.

Dr. Neuzil, ND completed her B.A. in Psychology and her pre-medical studies at the University of Virginia and her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Amy Neuzil is a board-certified Naturopathic , licensed in the State of Arizona. Texas does not offer licensing for Naturopathic Doctors at this time. Dr. Amy is also a frequent co-host on the "lets Get Healthy" radio show and has appeared as an expert on the TV series "The Genesis of Healing." She is the author of many articles published on-line and in magazines such as Natural Health. Her first book DIY Health: For Women was published in 2009.

Typically care starts with the initial intake, which is an hour and a half - this is necessary to establish a clear picture of your health as a whole person. After that, follow-up visits are generally once a month until we are sure you are getting good results and can manage your own care, then they are on an as needed basis. Follow-up visits are typically half an hour.

To learn more see: Naturopathy, Weight Loss, Classical Homeopathy or the FAQ page.

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New Clients Please Schedule 1.5 hours

What to Expect for New Clients

New clients can expect a comprehensive, compassionate health interview. All areas of your health and wellness will be discussed.  This includes your current symptoms as well as any other health concerns that you are currently having.  We will talk about stress levels, diet, sleep, lifestyle, and of course mental and emotional wellbeing.  Generally this takes 1.5 hours so bring snacks if you need them.

Please bring with you:

  • Print and complete the new client paperwork. If you are unable to download the forms, please arrive for your appointment 30 - 40 minutes early to fill it out before the visit. The paperwork is 11 pages, so please give yourself enough time.

  • Copies of any recent laboratory or diagnostic testing
  • Any medications or supplements you are currently taking. If possible bring the actual bottles so that Dr. Amy can see the ingredients, otherwise bring a list of medications and supplements along with the dosage.
  • If you have an extremely lengthy or complex medical history it is helpful to bring a health-history time line if you have one.
  • Additionally, please feel free to bring drinks or snacks for yourself. Filtered water is available at the office.

    New Clients:

        Standard New Client Visits (up to 1.5 hours): $320.00 
        New Client Visits for Infants or Children 10 and Under
       (up to 1 hour): $225
    New Client Visit for Weight Loss
       (up to 1 hour): $225
    Established Clients (in person or over the phone):
        Standard Follow-up Visit (up to 30 min): $80
        Extended Follow-up Visit (up to 45 min): $120
        Complicated Follow-up Visit (up to 1 hour):$160
    Phone or Email Questions or Check-Ins:
        General questions (less that 5 minutes): Free within reasonable use.
        I consider this to be part of our relationship and will only bill if
        the calls or emails are frequent or extremely complicated.
        Complicated calls or emails (up to 15 minutes): $55
        Questions requiring more time: Billed as regular visits.

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