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Concierge Medicine by Excelon

Naturopathic Doctor Amy Neuzil, N. D.

What is Concierge Care?

Patients often feel they are not receiving the prompt, attentive, individualized, proactive, concerned, preventive care they want and deserve... because they aren't. When doctors are forced to see huge numbers of patients every day, they have very little time or energy left for basic as good service and TLC. Also when clients are paying for every visit separately they think of the cost every time before making an appointment. Wouldn't it be nice not to have to think of it? To know you were covered 100%? That is exactly what concierge medicine provides you with. The freedom from per-visit charges and unexpected costs.

This unique approach gives you highly discounted, on-demand, personal care. You will get:

  • One fixed yearly "retainer" fee guarantees you excellent care at any time throughout the year.
  • Complete, personalized medical care at a fixed annual cost
  • You have "prepaid" for everything and you know that there will be no additional charges, so you are more likely to come in and use all the services available. This means you're more likely to take care of your health when you need it.

    * Because concierge medicine requires in-depth care, Dr. Amy can only accept a limited number of concierge and other clients. The State of Texas does not license naturopathic doctors at this time so we suggest you maintain a good relationship with a primary care physician.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What is Concierge?

    To understand the concierge concept, it may be helpful to think of the common practice of hiring a lawyer on an annual "retainer" basis. The client pays a single annual fee (say $2,500) in return for unlimited access to the attorney in person, by phone, or via his or her staff. The attorney is expected to anticipate and manage legal issues, wills, etc. for that year at no additional charge. Additionally, the retainer attorney constantly provides all sorts of behind-the-scenes logistical and administrative support without any added nickel-and-dime charges. This is much the same medically, and concierge medicine is especially valuable for patient who are managing an ongoing condition that requires frequent care, or for someone with specific ongoing goals, like weight loss clients.

    When does Membership Expire and Renew?

    Membership expires one year from the date of enrollment. At that time you will be invited to renew for another year. If you decide to terminate your membership for any reason, you will immediately receive a refund of any unused portion of your annual fee. This is calculated against the number of visits you have had and the amount of time you have used (at regular cost) and not on a monthly basis.

    What is Included?

    Up to 20 visits per year, routine lab work, phone and email contact plus 30% off all supplements including special orders. WOW!

    What is NOT Included?

    Special lab studies that are expensive and not needed by everyone such as hormone assays (i.e., testosterone, cycling estrogen studies), viral tests, or infrequently used labs are not included.
    The only supplement that cannot be discounted is poly-MVA and that is because we sell it at cost.

    What does it cost?
    Adult Patient: $1200 per year.
    This includes up to 20 visits per year, routine lab work, phone and email contact and gives you 30% off all supplements including special orders.

    Adult Couple (or two adults joining together): $2200 per year
    This includes the same services as the adult patient package for each person joining, but with a discount.

    Child (under 18, or full-time (non-working) University Student ): $700 per year
    This includes up to 20 visits per year, routine lab work, phone and email contact and gives you 30% off all supplements including special orders.

    Child signing up at the same time as Parent/Guardian: $500 per year
    Same great features as above.
    Individual Weight Loss: $1400 per year
    This program especially for weight loss clients includes 15 minute weekly weigh-in and focus sessions, up to 20 office visits, routine lab work, phone and email contact, and gives you 30% off all supplements . You also get to attend Naturally Skinny School once for FREE!

    Couple (or two joining together)Weight Loss: $2500 per year
    Includes everything in the standard Weight loss concierge service, but for two! This is a great thing if you're working with a friend, sibling or partner on your weight loss goals and it helps you both stay on track and reach those goals more quickly.


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