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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Naturopathic doctor different from my M.D.?
What should I expect in my first visit?
What medical conditions can a Naturopath work with?
Can Naturopathy be used in conjunction with medical care?
Do Naturopaths take insurance?
How do I know if my ND is fully qualified?
Does Texas license Naturopaths?
Can a Naturopathic Doctor be my primary care practitioner?
How long does treatment take and what does it cost?

How is Dr. Amy different from my M.D.?
Naturopathic doctors receive similar training in the biomedical sciences as MDs - we attend accredited four-year post-graduate schools and go through clinical rotations. The major difference is that in addition to learning biomedical sciences and pharmacology, we also learn alternative therapies such as nutrition, homeopathy, counseling, botanical medicine, and orthomolecular medicine. The state of Texas does not license NDs or allow NDs to prescribe pharmaceutical medications at this time, although it is legal in other states. In Texas Dr. Amy can not legally diagnose or treat illness, but she can work with you to enhance your overall health and wellbeing, which helps you as a whole person

What should I expect in my first visit with Dr. Amy?
Your first visit with Dr. Amy will last about an hour and a half. During this time your complete health history will be discussed, as well as your symptoms, family history, lifestyle, emotional health and diet. From this information, Dr. Amy will outline a detailed plan for you that may include supplements, homeopathic remedies, dietary or lifestyle changes, and referral to other practitioners when necessary.

What medical conditions does Dr. Amy work with?
Dr. Amy, like other naturopaths, treats you as a whole person. The plan of action will address your health and wellness in a complete way to help reduce your symptoms and increase your quality of life. This is effective in chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease or obesity or in acute conditions like an earache, cold, or flu. Because of this, Dr. Amy can help you to feel better with any medical condition, with the exception of medical emergencies or conditions requiring immediate surgery.

Can Naturopathy be used in conjunction with medical care?
Naturopathy works very well when used in conjunction with medical care or other forms of treatment including pharmaceutical drugs, acupuncture and chiropractic care. Dr. Amy will will custom-tailor your plan to avoid negative interactions with other therapies you may be using. In addition naturopathy can help counteract the side effects of difficult treatments such as chemotherapy.

Does Dr. Amy take insurance?
Dr. Amy is not able to bill directly to insurance at this time. Dr. Amy can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company directly. Some insurance companies will reimburse for all or a portion of the visit. If you have questions, it is best to speak with your insurance carrier directly as they will be able to give you detailed information about your coverage.

How do I know if my ND is fully qualified?
Your ND should display a diploma from one of the accredited naturopathic medical schools and should be a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (or AANP). In addition, NDs should have (and display) a valid State License. The State of Texas does not offer licensing for Naturopaths at this time. For more information please contact the AANP at or 1-866-538-2267.
Dr. Amy Neuzil graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona and holds a current and valid license from the state of Arizona (AZ 03-781). Unfortunately because of the lack of regulation in Texas, many alternative health practitioners call themselves “Naturopathic Doctors” without the proper qualifications. For more information specific to Texas or to get involved in licensing efforts please see the Texas Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Does Texas license Naturopaths?
The State of Texas does not license Naturopathic doctors at this time, neither do they regulate the use of the title “Naturopathic Doctor”. For this reason it is especially important in Texas to ensure that your N.D. is properly trained and holding an active license from a State which offers licensing. Please see for more information. Lack of licensing limits what your Naturopath can legally do. Although Dr. Neuzil’s license (State of Arizona) allows her to diagnose, prescribe pharmaceutical medications, use injectable therapies and perform minor surgery in Arizona, she is unable to offer those services in Texas. This does not affect the quality of care offered, and she can still be of service for nutritional and lifestyle counseling and to help you improve your well being as a whole person.

Can a Naturopathic Doctor be my primary care physician?
Not in Texas. In states where Naturopathy is fully licensed, your Naturopath can also be your primary care physician. In Texas, you will need to have an additional primary care physician who is fully licensed such as an M.D. or D.O.

How long does treatment take and what does it cost?
Treatment length depends entirely on the complexity of your health conditions. For most clients they have the intial visit, which is an hour and a half to get a complete case and then follow up monthly for the first 3 months. After that if the condition is simple or well-controlled then further follow-up visits are on an as-needed basis. If the condition is more complex, ongoing monthly follow-ups are the best course of action.

New Clients:

    Standard New Client Visits (up to 1.5 hours): $320.00 
    New Client Visits for Infants or Children 10 and Under
   (up to 1 hour): $225
    New Client Visits for Weight Loss
   (up to 1 hour): $225
Established Clients (in person or over the phone):
    Standard Follow-up Visit (up to 30 min): $80
    Extended Follow-up Visit (up to 45 min): $120
    Complicated Follow-up Visit (up to 1 hour):$160
Phone or Email Questions or Check-Ins:
    General questions (less that 5 minutes): Free within reasonable use.
    I consider this to be part of our relationship and will only bill if
    the calls or emails are frequent or extremely complicated.
    Complicated calls or emails (up to 15 minutes): $55
    Questions requiring more time: Billed as regular visits.