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Spicewood Forest Office Complex, Suite L-4
4131 Spicewood Springs rd.,
Austin, TX 78759
512.306.0373 (phone)
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Per Visit Pricing:

New Clients:
Standard New Client Visits (up to 1.5 hours): $320.00
New Client Visits for Infants or Children 10 and Under (up to 1 hour): $225
Weight Loss Only New Client Visit (1 hour): $225

Established Clients (in person or over the phone):
Standard Follow-up Visit (up to 30 min): $80
Extended Follow-up Visit (up to 45 min): $120
Complicated Follow-up Visit (up to 1 hour):$160
Weight Loss Check-in (15 min): $55

Phone or Email Questions or Check-Ins:
General questions (less that 5 minutes): Free within reasonable use.
I consider this to be part of our relationship and will only bill if the calls or emails are frequent or complicated.
Complicated calls or emails (up to 15 minutes): $55
Questions requiring more time: Billed as regular visits.

Lab Testing:
All tests billed individually depending on the lab

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Supplement Club:

15% off all your supplements when you have a standing monthly order.
We can ship to you each month or hold your supplements for pick up. One delivery per year may be skipped. Program may be canceled at any time with 10 day notice.
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Naturally Skinny School:

Live Classes in Austin, Texas
$240 per person
Free with Weight Loss Concierge Service

Webinars - Attend from your home, office or iPhone
$180 per person

Concierge Care:

*Because of the in-depth nature of concierge care I am only able to accept a limited number of concierge clients each year. If you are interested please call as soon as possible to ensure you either get a concierge slot, or are placed as high as possible on the waiting list.

Adult Client: $1200 per year.
This includes up to 20 visits per year, routine lab work, phone and email contact and gives you 25% off all supplements including special orders.

Adult Couple (or two adults joining together): $2200 per year
This includes the same services as the adult patient package for each person joining, but with a discount.

Child (under 18, or full-time (non-working) University Student ): $700 per year
This includes up to 20 visits per year, routine lab work, phone and email contact and gives you 25% off all supplements including special orders.

Child signing up at the same time as Parent/Guardian: $500 per year
Same great features as above.

Weight Loss Concierge:

Individual: $1400 per year
This program especially for weight loss clients includes 15 minute weekly weigh-in and focus sessions, up to 10 regular office visits, routine lab work, phone and email contact, and gives you 25% off all supplements.

Couple (or two joining together): $2500 per year
Includes everything in the standard Weight loss concierge service, but for two! This is a great thing if you are working with a friend, sibling or partner on your weight loss goals and it helps you both stay on track and reach those goals more quickly.

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