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Naturopathic Medicine  Classical Homeopathy Natural Women's Health Book
Naturopathic Medicine
Holistic care using modern pathology and diagnosis in combination with natural treatments. Articles of folk medicine © Kruglovorda |
Classical Homeopathy
The use of a tiny dose of a substance that would produce your symptoms to help relieve your symptoms. Homeopathy pills © Robert Pinna |
DIY Health: For Women
Dr. Amy's great new women's health book that tells you everything you need to know about you.
Natural medicine Natural Weight Loss
Care for Long-Term Conditions
Natural, Long term, Chronic Desease care. Blond girl smiling photo © Joe Klune |
Natural Weight Loss
No tricks or gimmicks this is lasting weight loss the RIGHT way.  Work with your body, not against it to reach your goal and stay there. Torso photo © Daniel Sroga |