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Testimonials about Dr. Amy:

I highly recommend Dr. Amy to anyone who is seeking to improve their health in a natural, whole body approach. I came to Dr. Amy two years ago with a hormone imbalance that I had for many years. I wanted to correct my problem without the use of prescription drugs and get at the root of the issue instead of treating only the symptoms. Through the use of homeopathic remedies and diet change we have successfully and dramatically improved my health. During my experience with Dr. Amy I have come to understand my body in a new way. Dr. Amy is so patient in explaining what symptoms mean, possible triggers of these symptoms and ways to improve my health by eliminating the triggers. She has not only helped me, but also my husband who suffers from severe food allergies and our son who also has similar food allergies. Overall, Dr. Amy has been a tremendous blessing to our family. She is knowledgeable, patient and kind. Again, I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services for myself and my family.

- Alesha L. Austin, TX

"I've had headaches for years. I have been to general practicioners, neurologists, dentists and allergists and nobody could figure out why. They would do testing but when those tests came back negative and it fell outside of thier comfort zone, they sent me along to the next specialist. I was tired of doctors not really listening to me and just giving me a prescription to temporarily mask the issue.

I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem, WHY was I having these often debilitating headaches? And why in the past couple of years had I developed anxiety and had random boughts of dizziness and nausea? I was sick of feeling sick all the time.

So, I made an appointment to see Dr. Amy Neuzil. We spent over an hour just talking. Talking about my health, what's been happening in my personal life, all leading up to what brought me to her office that day. She took at least six pages of notes. She was really listening, unlike any of the other doctors I had previously seen.

Our bodies are supposed to work a certain way and we need certain ingredients to make sure it can do its job. She is helping me figure out what ingredients my body is lacking and helping me get those back in the mix. I've only had two office visits so far but I am slowly working toward feeling good again and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Amy has a patient for life."

- Kristy C. Austin, TX

Testimonials about DIY Health: For Women

This was an awesome book... It has a simple format that tells you everything your doctor doesn't tell you about you. It's filled with copious amounts of information ranging from basic nutrition to thyroid hormone imbalance, weight loss, and complex estrogen issues. The NATURAL approach she takes to describe the way women's bodies work is absolutely amazing.

...and the hair tips are AWESOME!!!


Dr. Neuzil has written a most thorough reference piece for women desiring an enhanced and updated understanding of many of their health concerns. Simple and concise she includes specific tools and suggestions. Her words parallel the way she works with her patients --- attentive, with extensive, medical and researched knowledge to include a unique, compassionate and sensitive "bedside manner". Her strength lies in assuring her patients that they are in charge of improving their health using her training and skills only as a conduit. What more can one ask for in today's healthcare environment. Reading her book you sense you are sitting in front of her receiving the benefit of her training, experience, and wisdom.

- S. Patin

This book is for women of every age. Everything we need to know about how we operate and how complex we are, written in a relaxed, concise and easy to understand style. I wish this book had been available when I was younger, especially the parts about hormones. This is all the information your M.D.'s should tell you and don't.


This book came at the perfect time for me. I was trying to live healthier, cleaner, and to be more educated about my health care. Dr. Neuzil's book was (and still is) my "go-to" reference book as I continue my journey to be my best self! She uses common sense and a bit of humor to share her expertise and knowledge and I found myself under-lining and highlighting so many pages. Of particular interest to me were the lists of common products used in many household and personal care items that should not be in the home. I also can't wait to try all of her face mask recipes for my skin! They sound delicious! I recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy to read, easy to understand, comprehensive way to live a healthier life.

- K. A. Gerber

Dr. Amy Neuzil's conversational delivery speaks to the reader intimately. It's as if she's in the room with you. Sprinkled with humor, informing and empowering women to take charge of their own health! This information MUST be shared!!! Buy it for every woman you love and care about! I can't wait to see what's next from Dr. Amy.

- Denise M. Malak

Testimonials about Naturally Skinny School

This was a great class. It brought a lot of things together I had heard before to one place and helped me to understand the "why" behind them. I highly recommend the class - it was great.

- V. Finley

This class changed my life. Literally (for the better of course). =)

- Joshua Bingaman

Testimonials About Weight Loss with Dr. Amy

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