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Sales - September 2011

Back to School September

The end of August and first week of September I will be out of the office - on a lake in the cool weather. Woohoo! I will still have email access so please feel free to contact me if you have questions. My replies may be a little slower than normal...

Recovery Sale! 2 for 1!!!

Alright everyone breathe a sigh of relief. The kids are back to school and life can get back to normal. To help you on that path you can buy 2 visits for the price of 1 in September and you have through November to use them both. Likewise if you've never been a patient before you and a spouse, sister, friend or associate can both have new patient visits for the price of one.
A little back-to-school kick-start never hurt anyone!

Special for Dr. Amy's Clients - 20% off at Egoscue Austin to help you get rid of pain for good!!! Offer Expires Labor Day!

- if you've had pain that hasn't responded to other modalities, these are the guys that get results when nothing else does
- the work is guaranteed, if you don't have a great experience, just ask and you can get all your money back. Who does THAT?
- they never offer discounts, so arranging this for our patients is a great opportunity
- they'll help you find the core reason WHY you hurt. They won't just chase your symptoms, you know that doesn't work. Instead, they'll help you discover the fundamental reason for your pain and help you understand exactly what has to happen for your body to heal, to return to a life free of pain and limitation

If you don't know anything about the Egoscue Method then read this.

Click here to order products - 15% discount shipped straight to your home.

If you don't have the customer code it's exc108

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New Clients Please Schedule 1.5 hours

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