Manuka Honey – More Powerful Than Antibiotics

It never fails to amaze me what natural remedies are capable of, especially when used in combination with modern methods.  One of the biggest threats in healthcare today is the rising rate of antibiotic resistance in bacteria – especially the  superbug MRSA.  This infection, which is often found in hospital settings and can create recurrent hard to treat boils or life-threatening blood infections, can actually be treated with honey. Sounds crazy, right?

Specially purified manuka honey has been used topically in hospital settings for MRSA care with great success, and when it is used in combination with certain antibiotics it actually helps those antibiotics to work better. Even if the bacteria was previously antibiotic-resistant. The honey by itself works, and the honey in combination with an antibiotic works even better.

Using manuka honey at home on cuts scrapes and small wounds can help you to prevent infections, but if you suspect you have a MRSA infection it’s a good idea to see your doctor because if these infections aren’t resolved quickly they can become life threatening.

Manuka honey has also been used with good results internally for digestive infections like H. pylori, gastritis, damage to the esophagus caused by GERD and various ulcerative diseases of the digestive tract.  1 teaspoon of manuka honey before each meal and bedtime can help you to feel better and to get rid of unwanted bacteria and help heal and soothe your digestive tract. All of that from simple honey.

Science, yet again, is able to verify the wisdom that has been handed down for generations.  To read more about this from the BBC, click here.

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  1. Just to add to this post – If you want to use manuka honey for a medical purpose, you need to make sure it actually has active antibacterial properties. You can do this by looking for the UMF rating. Also, for MRSA and the like you would definitely want medical grade manuka honey such as the medihoney range.

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