The Egoscue Method for Back Pain

I learned about this method of treatment for back pain from a patient, who discovered it on her own and reported back to me with great results.  This past weekend I was fortunate enough to get to talk with Pete Egoscue directly on the Let’s Get Healthy radio show.  This technique is fabulous – it’s a drugless therapy, meaning you don’t have to take pain pills.  It’s actually a series of exercises that help to heal, strengthen, and align your body to eliminate back pain.  It requires some activity on your part, but can you imagine having the power to eliminate your pain?

The Egoscue method involves a series of postural exercises that you can choose or that are chosen for you by an Egoscue practitioner. These are chosen based on the type of pain you have, the way you hold your body and the types of activities you do in your daily life. Pete Egoscue looks at pain as a signal from your body to help you understand that something you’re doing isn’t good for you.  Once you understand the signal, and what it means, you can change the way you hold your body and move your body so that pain is avoided.

The best way to use the Egoscue method is to have a consultation with someone who can design a series of Egoscue postural exercises specifically for your body. It can help you listen to your body and interpret what your body is telling you about pain so that you can adapt, in that moment, to fix the pain. You can actually understand the signal your body is sending, and correct it right then and there. These exercises actually help you to generate a more vivid body awareness that can allow you to have great posture and get rid of your pain.

My favorite part of all of this is that Pete Egoscue has written a number of books that outline simple steps you can use at home. In his books he gives you different exercises that you can learn and do to help your own pain.  This is a great option if you aren’t near an Egoscue clinic (there is one here in Austin, by the way) or if you can’t commit financially to the 8-16 visits you would likely need. There is always so much you can do for yourself and frankly you know I’m the queen of doing it yourself – I always think you are your own best healer. You can click on the images below to buy directly from Amazon.

If you’re looking for the Egoscue clinic here in Austin here is their info:

8310-1 Capital of Texas Hwy,
Suite 288
Austin, TX 78731


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