The Fastest Way to Drop 5 Pounds

So, I know it’s kind of a cheat, but if you really need to fit into that dress by next week, or those suit pants that you’re having trouble zipping right now, there is a quick and easy way.  This isn’t a great long-term weight loss program for most people, but in the short term it will get you uber-quick results. God knows there are times in life where that matters.

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Here’s the plan:

  1. Cut out grains -  This means cut out the breads, potatoes, pastas, cookies, chips, crackers, corn, rice and everything made with those things. If you’re a burger kind of person for lunches then do the meat with no bun (and no fries). And yes, I know potatoes aren’t actually a grain, but work with me here – I’m trying to get you into those jeans.
  2. Increase your water intake – At least 10 eight ounce glasses daily.  Set an alarm on your phone – it helps.  Just do one glass an hour and you’re totally good.
  3. Sleep – Sleep is when your body loses it’s weight and if you’re not getting it then it’s going to show in your waistline.  If you need to drop weight quickly then this is the way to do it. If you normally have trouble sleeping then melatonin is a safe place to start.  Most people notice a difference with 3 mg, but if you don’t it’s safe up to 10 mg at bedtime.

That’s it!

I get that for most people being 100% grain-free isn’t the lifestyle they want long-term, but it’s totally worth it if it gets you looking fabulous in that wedding dress, bikini, business suit or on the surf board. This isn’t great long-term because we’re not talking at all about balanced nutrition or healthy calories or any of that – this is just a quick fix for that time when 5 pounds REALLY matters.

Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Think eggs or Greek yoghurt with fruit for breakfast. Protein smoothie will work too.
  • If you’re normally a sandwich person for lunch try making the same sandwich, but as a lettuce wrap (just use big pieces of lettuce instead of bread and either roll it up like a burrito or sandwich it like, well, a sandwich.
  • High-protein prepared salads are a great lunch option.  Consider egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad.  All great options – no bread required.  Add an apple to that and you’re done.
  • For dinner thing meat + veggies.  Keep it simple – that’s always the best way.
  • If you want longer term weight loss you can use this for a week as a kick-start to see some weight fall off quickly, then transition to a healthy, low carb diet that isn’t quite so restrictive (but keep doing water and sleep – that makes every weight loss quicker).  For more ideas about long-term weight loss check this post from January.
  • Seriously set a phone alarm to go off every hour between 8 am and 6 pm and every time it beeps at you, have a glass of water.  Simple!  And not so close to bed that you’re up all night going to the bathroom (but you will spend more day time than usual in the bathroom – just think of it as the junk that was stored in your fat finally getting a chance to leave your body).
  • Keep it short-term.  Believe me, you can be AWESOME at this for a week!

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