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Pumpkin Smoothie – Best Fall Breakfast Ever

Ok – so I’m all about health food that tastes like dessert – in this case: pumpkin pie. In the fall, it doesn’t get much better than pumpkin pie – especially when I can have it for breakfast and still feel like I’m doing great thing for my body. It’s a win-win. Here’s the recipe for my latest obsession: Continue reading

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The Fastest Way to Drop 5 Pounds

I get that for most people being 100% grain-free isn’t the lifestyle they want long-term, but it’s totally worth it if it gets you looking fabulous in that wedding dress, bikini, business suit or on the surf board. This isn’t great long-term because we’re not talking at all about balanced nutrition or healthy calories or any of that – this is just a quick fix for that time when 5 pounds REALLY matters. Continue reading

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Cleaning Your Face With Oil – Thanks Crunchy Betty!

Basically the theory is that applying a cleansing oil to your face dissolves the bad/dirty oils that are already there and when you take off the extra good oil, you also take off the bad oil. Still – it took some bravery to slather oil all over my face, let me tell you. I picked a day to try it when I would have a few days without any major social events scheduled just in case my face turned into one giant zit. Continue reading

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The Best Oil for Cooking? The Debate Rages On

Remember when butter was the thing your grandmother cooked everything in? Then butter was the enemy and margarine was king. Then, of course, someone figured out that margarine was killing you and you floundered around until the food network introduced you to extra virgin olive oil (EVOO in case you’re food network savvy). Continue reading

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A Healthy Smile Keeps You Healthy Long Term

So, the thing everyone seems to want to talk about is their pearly whites. People want bright, shiny white teeth that you can see from outer space. Your gums are far less glamorous and hardly anyone asks me anything at all about their gum health, so I’m here to champion the gums because in terms of your overall body health, they’re WAY more important than their much more glamorous cousins, your teeth. Continue reading

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Red Wine and Your Health

In light of the extreme heat, the never ending drought and the horrifying fires that have touched so many lives in Bastrop and forever changed so many people’s worlds, it seems time for some good news. So sit back, grab a glass of red wine if you can, and learn about the great reasons to take this kind of break more often. Continue reading

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Alcohol Before Bed – Not the Best For Restorative Sleep

It comes as no surprise that although plenty of people use alcohol to relax and unwind at the end of the day, it’s no friend to your sleep. In fact this Japanese study showed that alcohol may help you relax enough to fall asleep but actually gets in the way of staying asleep. Continue reading

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My Thyroid is “Normal” – so Why Do I Feel So Bad?

I can’t begin to tell you how many times a week I hear this exact thing. Women come to my office practically in tears because they found out their thyroid was low, or out of balance and started the hormones thinking that it would solve the problem, but months go by and they start losing hope. According to lab tests their thyroid is normal, but they still feel down and out. By the time they get into my office they’re usually so frustrated they’re teary eyed and feel helpless about their health. Continue reading

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One Diagnosis Away…

Here’s a chilling thought… Most families in this country are ONE DIAGNOSIS AWAY from total financial ruin. That means most people literally can’t afford to get sick, and yet I see those same poeople in my office claiming that they can’t afford to eat well. Are you kidding? You can’t afford not to! Thanks so much to Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal-Body, Primal-Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet For Total Health and a Longer Life; for reminding me of this important point. Continue reading

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Trusting Yourself to Heal

Today I want you to extend a heartfelt thanks to your body. Maybe do something nice for it – treat it to a healthy dinner or a relaxing bath. Whatever it is that makes your body feel good. It’s always there for you, always working for you and you can trust it. How fantastic is that? Continue reading

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