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Seven Activities to Boost Your Brain

It looks like, according to Dr. Siegel, the things that make your day fun and enjoyable and worth living are also good for your brain. I think there is some happy coincidence at work here! If you’re interested in learning more see his book Mindsight. Continue reading

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Breast Cancer and Estrogen + Progestin – The News Isn’t Good.

Combined estrogen and progestin hormone replacement has long been thought of as safer than estrogen alone therapies. Sadly, we’re finding now that the risks are just as terrifying. A new study published in the Oct 20th issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that estrogen + progestin HRT increases the number of women who get invasive breast cancer, the severity of their disease, their cancer related death and also, surprisingly, the non-cancer related death. Continue reading

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Anxiety? Just Invite Brad Pitt to Dinner.

Some anxiety – I like to call it catastrophizing, is basically like entering into a very vivid daydream about every worst-case scenario possible. What if my partner dies in a car crash? What if they’re disabled? What if my daughter isn’t careful and someone abuses her? What if we go bankrupt and end up homeless? Happily, there is a great way to fix it. Continue reading

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Simple 3 Minute Meditation Technique to Help Anxiety

Part of the problem with anxiety is that your thoughts become “real.” If you are worrying about disease, or death, or a loved one, or robbers or whatever it is that you happen to worry about, notice how your body reacts. For most people their hearts beat more quickly, their breathing becomes shallow, their bodies tense up and they feel a knot or a tightening in their belly in response to that fear. And yet, you are sitting safe and secure in your house with nothing actually happening to harm you. Continue reading

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