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Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Miracle! It’s a Coconut.

Rarely do I find something that surprises me so deeply as the humble coconut has. A patient asked me to look into the safety of using coconut oil topically. Although I was able to tell her in the office it was safe and surely beneficial, I didn’t really have a concept of how beneficial so I did some digging around. Continue reading

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Hitting the Reset Button

Short fasts of 3-5 days are a great way to clean house. I suggest doing 2-4 per year (and of course doing the 24-36 hour fasts once weekly) to help keep you healthy, happy and vital. And did I mention that it’s strongly anti-aging and actually slows the aging process? The research is entirely clear on this point. Regular fasting both extends life and slows aging. Yet another great reason to hit the reset button! Continue reading

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Mini-Fasting. What a Great Tool!

This is such a powerful tool. I really can’t emphasize enough how much benefit I’ve seen from doing regular micro-fasts. One day a week, almost every week, I do either a 24 or a 36 hour fast (really hectic weeks I’ll just do a 24 hour, weeks that are a little less hectic I’ll do a 36 hour.) It’s just part of my health routine. Continue reading

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