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Low Sex Drive In Women? Fix It Naturally II – Hormones

Naturally, hormones are complicated – just like women in general. There isn’t one sure-fire answer to the hormone – libido question, but there are a lot of variables and usually we can make an educated guess. Continue reading

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Estrogen Overload – Fixing the Chaos.

All of these seem like small steps, and it’s true they won’t change your estrogen levels overnight, but sadly, nothing will short of drugs like tamoxifen that are used in breast cancer. Still, taking these steps for three months will produce noticeable results in your PMS, mood swings, estrogen related weight gain and cycle. Continue reading

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The Uses of Lavender

Any lavender can be used as a tea and cooking herb – some are cultivated more for beauty, some for oil, but all work well. I’m amazed by the number of people who pass by these beauties in their front or back yard but don’t appreciate it’s full scope of uses. Although this is not an exhaustive list of it’s uses I will at least share a few of my favorites. Continue reading

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