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Imaginary Food Helps You Lose Weight

For everyone who is struggling to diet this holiday season, just imagine those yummy Christmas cookies, imagine the cheese dip at the office party. Imagine eating and loving whatever is in front of you right now and then either have a small piece, or move on to the next food daydream because hey – you’re helping yourself to weight loss success. Science says so. Continue reading

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Healthy Thanksgiving – and Happy Too!

Thanksgiving is a carnival of food.  Always.  And that’s what it’s supposed to be – it wouldn’t be thanksgiving if you didn’t end up on the couch trying to surreptitiously unfasten the top button on your jeans. There are a … Continue reading

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Please God End the Holiday Eating!

Seriously by this time of the season I’ve eaten everything in sight, drank every glass that has been thrust into my hands and am so completely surrounded by gifts and goodwill and tinsel that I want to curl up in a ball and take a week away from everything. EVERYTHING. Seriously. Bah humbug. ;) Continue reading

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