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The Best Free Immune Boost Ever: Wet Socks.

Wet Socks is an old-time hydrotherapy technique that gives you a great, completely free, non-specific immune boost. This will work to help prevent viruses, bacteria and whatever other crud is coming your way. It’s a way of tricking your body into going on high alert and hunting out any problems that might be brewing. Continue reading

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Fermentation Makes Everything Better

When I say fermentation people generally think ‘beer’ which is not entirely what I had in mind. Actually I’m talking about lacto-fermentation of fruits and veggies. I’m guessing you are probably familiar with lacto-fermentation in dairy products like yogurt and kefir – just because there has been a healthy trend towards cultured dairy as a way to get your probiotics. Lacto-fermentation of fruits and veggies can give you the same healthy bacteria with added qualities like vitamins, enzymes, digestive help and immune boosting properties. Continue reading

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Getting rid of the cold that’s brewing

Yes, it’s true. Doctors get sick too. Sort of an occupational hazard when you think about it.

Fortunately I’ve also learned a few tricks to knock it out quickly and easily just as long as I catch it early.

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