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The Biggest Loser – Why Can’t I Lose Weight This Fast?

I know, we all love to see TV shows where people go from morbid obesity to a relatively normal weight, losing the weight of several people within a year. It gives hope that you can probably shed that extra 15 lbs in a week. Two at most, right? If those people on the television can lose 300 pounds in a year then surely 15 lbs in a week is reasonable. Except that in real life it doesn’t happen.

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Emotional Eating

Wow is this ever a big deal! So many people use food as a reward, as a treat, or as a way to calm themselves when they’re anxious, depressed or angry. It’s easy to do because a lot of the time it works – food does help you feel better in the moment when you’re emotions are getting the best of you. It also hurts you in the long-run because then you have to struggle with weight, self-image issues and body issues. This is a no-win cycle, but there are ways out. Continue reading

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Fast Weight Loss vs. Slow

This time of year I see lots of people struggling to fulfill their new years resolutions, especially those concerning weight loss. One of the big questions that everyone seems to have is what is the difference between the quick weight loss plans and the long-term weight loss plans?? Of course everyone wants something fast and easy, but the truth of the matter is that those are only really good if you’re losing weight for an event that is coming up, but don’t care what happens to your weight after that. Continue reading

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