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Manuka Honey – More Powerful Than Antibiotics

It never fails to amaze me what natural remedies are capable of, especially when used in combination with modern methods. One of the biggest threats in healthcare today is the rising rate of antibiotic resistance in bacteria – especially the superbug MRSA. This infection, which is often found in hospital settings and can create recurrent hard to treat boils or life-threatening blood infections, can actually be treated with honey. Sounds crazy, right? Continue reading

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Low Sex Drive in Women? Fix it Naturally

I say that as though it might be easy. Sex drive, like everything else about women, is ridiculously complicated. There are hormonal factors, general health factors, emotional factors and of course complications arising from the quality of your relationship. If you’re struggling with a low drive, then the most important thing to do is sit down and really assess the reasons behind it. This will be an ongoing discussion, but step one is to figure out what is actually wrong. Continue reading

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Surviving Cedar Fever

Cedar fever is sort of like the guerrilla warfare version of plain old allergies. Sure some people have runny nose and sneezing and watery eyes, but then there are the other symptoms like extreme fatigue and achy joints and utter inability to function because of all the mucus in your head. Fun! This is allergies Texas-style, so I want to talk a little bit about the natural options. Continue reading

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