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One Diagnosis Away…

Here’s a chilling thought… Most families in this country are ONE DIAGNOSIS AWAY from total financial ruin. That means most people literally can’t afford to get sick, and yet I see those same poeople in my office claiming that they can’t afford to eat well. Are you kidding? You can’t afford not to! Thanks so much to Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal-Body, Primal-Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet For Total Health and a Longer Life; for reminding me of this important point. Continue reading

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Sneaky Veggies

For all of you who don’t like your vegetables, here are some great ways to sneak them into other foods so that you don’t know they’re there. This can be a great way to make your diet a little bit healthier, and also to help you add in the fiber for weight loss because as you probably know, I think fiber is the biggest weight-loss booster ever. Continue reading

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Fermentation Makes Everything Better

When I say fermentation people generally think ‘beer’ which is not entirely what I had in mind. Actually I’m talking about lacto-fermentation of fruits and veggies. I’m guessing you are probably familiar with lacto-fermentation in dairy products like yogurt and kefir – just because there has been a healthy trend towards cultured dairy as a way to get your probiotics. Lacto-fermentation of fruits and veggies can give you the same healthy bacteria with added qualities like vitamins, enzymes, digestive help and immune boosting properties. Continue reading

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