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Simple 3 Minute Meditation Technique to Help Anxiety

Part of the problem with anxiety is that your thoughts become “real.” If you are worrying about disease, or death, or a loved one, or robbers or whatever it is that you happen to worry about, notice how your body reacts. For most people their hearts beat more quickly, their breathing becomes shallow, their bodies tense up and they feel a knot or a tightening in their belly in response to that fear. And yet, you are sitting safe and secure in your house with nothing actually happening to harm you. Continue reading

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Stair-Steps In Weight Loss. Don’t Be Fooled – You’re Doing Great!

Losing weight isn’t a quick and easy process for your body so if you’re hitting a plateau in your weight loss, that is completely okay . In fact, it’s great! It means that you have lost enough that your body needs to move stuff around so just let it happen and keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Continue reading

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Patients are Always My Best Teachers

In reminding my patients of their priorities, I am reminded of mine. Thanks to a great friend and patient who I spoke with this morning who reminded me why it’s so important to schedule fun.

Take time to do things for you, little stuff like walks to big stuff like travel. This picture was taken on a boat trip with my best friend from med school. Time for more of that!
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