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Low Sex Drive in Women? Fix It Naturally IV – The Relationship.

Cue the doom music. This is the factor in libido that nobody actually wants to look at or discuss. This is also one of the most common causes of lack of interest in sex that I see in my office. It isn’t that your hormones are off or that you’ve got something “wrong” with you, it’s that the relationship has had some junk in it that just needs clearing out. Until you start cleaning up the messes in the relationship, sex is the last activity on anyone’s list. Continue reading

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Low Sex Drive In Women? Fix It Naturally II – Hormones

Naturally, hormones are complicated – just like women in general. There isn’t one sure-fire answer to the hormone – libido question, but there are a lot of variables and usually we can make an educated guess. Continue reading

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Sex Helps Neurosis. Woohoo!

The great news is that healthy relationships can be preserved for neurotics, and the deciding factor is sex. A new study out of the University of Tennessee shows that frequency of sexual encounters is a good predictor for marital happiness in couples with one neurotic partner. The same is not as true for married couples without neurosis. Continue reading

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